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Planning Manager has developed its independent 4D modelling/simulation team through various projects.


Planning Manager has developed numerous 4d simulations and has been able to help the clients visualise their goals. This has been possible through our collaborative and integrated approach. With the implementation of BIM mandate, the construction industry now demands an integrated approach to project delivery.


Where possible we have acquired 3d models from architects/designers and have developed 4D simulations, in other cases we have in house trained professionals developing 3d models that correlates to the build sequence and from which 4D simulations are developed. The most important and perhaps an integral part of 4D simulation is an efficient and realistic construction programme, and Planning Manager Ltd with its many years of experience in construction planning is very efficient in providing just that.


Some of Our 4D services are listed below:

  • Planning Manager provides 4D modelling for the general structural construction sequence, buildings elevation and envelope and internal fit-out.
  • 4D modelling to cover the logistics of the site including temporary works.
  • Planning Manager can produce 4D modelling for the as built data. Preferably, this data will be recorded progressively by our site based planners and can be demonstrated in 4D simulation.

Integrating design and construction has been the hottest topic in construction since the application of the BIM mandate. The application of powerful software such as Synchro allows the project managers and site managers to visualize the construction processes and sequences including complicated site logistics.


Planning Manager has dedicated team for the production of 3D and 4D visualizations. At Planning Manager Ltd the application of 4D has been from tender planning, logistics presentation, construction phasing through to claims planning.


One of the greatest application of 4D has been in incorporating the “WHAT IF” scenarios where the project managers can experience the effects in a real time video.



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