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Claims planning


A service for claims or contracts including NEC and JCT suites.


Claims methods include:

  • Impact As Planned
  • As Planned and As Built
  • Time impact analysis
  • Collapsed As Built

Planning Manager has successfully assisted in supporting clients in Adjudication proceedings using Acumen Fuse analysis software to check programmes. To complement our existing knowledge base a number of our key personnel are studying for the RICS diploma in adjudication. The summary programme Adjudication Process (PDF) shows the stages a client can expect when referring a dispute to adjudication.


If you are the responding party then time can be extremely limited in formulating the response as the adjudicator must decide the dispute within 28 days of appointment, extensions can only be granted by agreement of the referring party and are likely to be minimal.


Claims Planning Examples

  • Ports
  • Energy from waste desuphimsation plant
  • Wind/solar projects
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Education
  • Historical buildings
  • Insurance claims
  • London underground



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